Sunday, July 19, 2015

Embossing - Changing the Orientation of Your Folder

I apologize for being two days late with this post -- it was a crazy Friday, and then I was at a much-needed all-day crop yesterday (!!). Anyway, I recently held a class where we dusted off our embossing folders and did some cool things with them. The first thing we did was to change the orientation of the folder. I used a dark shade of paper so it would show up better, but the actual cards I made are at the end of each section.

In the first example, I wanted to use the Happy Heart Embossing Folder on a horizontal card. The problem was that it was orientd for a vertical card.

I ran the card through the embossing folder twice in order to get the coverage I wanted. First I lined up the folder to where I wanted the hearts to show up and embossed a portin of it:

Then I lined up the already-embossed hearts and ran it through a second time. A couple of tips: (1) When you emboss the first time, bring it all all the way over to the left side of the paper. (2) When you emboss the second time, bring it all the way over to the right side. You will be "re-embossing" quite a bit of the paper, but because of the deep grooves in the folder, you can "feel" when they've lined up. (3) When you pass the folder through the Big Shot for the second time, don't go all the way with it. Be sure to stop just shy of hitting the edge. This prevents a visible line in your final design.

Here is the final card.

In the next card, it was the opposite scenario -- the folder was oriented for a horizontal card, and I wanted to make a vertical card. the folder is the retired Fancy Fan embossing folder.

The problem here, though, was that if I simply turned the folder sideways, it wouldn't fit through the machine because it was just a tad bit too wide. I could do the same process as above and it would work -- I'd just have to be very careful since the design is much smaller on the folder. Well, I wasn't up to all that so I decided to only emboss what would fit! (the lazy way I guess!) I lined up the embossing folder the way I wanted it to be, and ran it through the machine.

That left me with a larage unembossed section toward the end of the card that wasn't very attractive. So I took out my trusty scoring board, flipped the card over so I was working on the back side of it, and scored a couple of lines and made it part of the design.

Here's the end result.

Check back tomorrow for another embossing technique we did in class!

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  1. These look great! Thanks for sharing the process and tips... I have a machine for embossing but have never used it as I find choosing embossing folders and knowing what to do with them overwhelming!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I encourage you to pick up one or two folders and play with them . . . there's so much you can do with them,and they add such great dimension and depth to your cards. Be sure to check back later today for another technique I'll be posting!